100 Reasons Why To Hire Digital Marketing Companies

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“Once You Get A Business Website, You Would Surely Get A Good Amount Of Website Traffic & A Number Of Customers”

That’s one popular myth that goes all around the market, in the mind of the business owners and all those with very little idea of the facts.

Yes, a good, clean, crisp, mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour, and businesses nowadays are least likely to sustain the tough competition, in case they do not have a good business website.

Having said that, it’s important to understand that having just a good business website would not offer you your desired returns. In fact, to achieve worthy returns, you need to add a bit more to the investments and get digital marketing services.

Digital marketing is not a new term. It has been existent ever since the internet grew in power and the world took no time in adopting it as a deputy.

Right from getting you essential website traffic, digital marketing can offer you a lot of online customers which often turn to be the brand-influencers in the long run.

And if you need quality digital marketing assistance, the services of a good digital marketing company or an agency are second to none.

What’s A Digital Marketing Company?

Well, a digital marketing company is the one that provides all kinds of internet marketing services and helps your business get better services, business, and customers by harnessing the vast internet resource.

But why should you consult a digital marketing company?

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Well, here we have compiled a list of 200 reasons to consult and get the services of a good digital marketing agency. Have a look at these and I am sure this would change your views considerably with regards to the ways you understand the digital world:

General Reasons:

  1. You Need Website Traffic: Once you get a business website, all you need is to appear before your probable customers and get visited by them. Digital marketing companies can make this happen for you.
  2. You Need Customers For Your Business: Your visitors will only turn to be your customers when they have at least a satisfactory experience on your website and they are satisfied with your services. The experts make sure your visitors face no troubles on your website.
  3. They Are Experienced & Experts: Digital marketing companies are highly experienced and experts to tackle all kinds of internet marketing jobs in utter ease.
  4. They Are Acquainted With The Updates: The search engines such as Google keep on rolling new updates every now and then. And if you do not act according to their guidelines, you may face a lot of troubles. However, digital marketing agencies make sure you face no troubles with the updates.
  5. They Will Do It Better Than You: If you are not a digital marketing expert, you may not know about when to hit the right chord in the process. The expert digital marketers would always do it far better than you.
  6. They Have The Right Set Of Tools: Digital marketing may need a lot of essential tools such as SEO tools, SMO tools, PPC tools etc. and good digital marketing companies ensure to have them all to help their clients.
  7. They May Have A Team Of Experts: Digital marketing is highly varied in nature and, just as there are hordes of processes, there may be distinct professionals too (expert in their own field). Thus, you get to work with a team of experts that offers you better assistance.
  8. The Digital Marketers Are Highly Consistent: Digital marketing processes need to be performed and monitored regularly to ascertain great outcomes and the most reliable digital marketing companies will ensure to work consistently to get good outcomes.digital marketing infohearty 2
  9. They Already Have Expert Knowledge About Industries: Working with distinct kinds of clients and dealing with distinct industries, chances are that the expert digital marketing companies would have already worked with an industry similar to yours and thus could offer you the most trending services.
  10. They Have Knowledge About The Jargons: Do you know about link juice? Or competitor backlinks? Or search analytics? Well, the experts have all the knowledge about all these terms and can even help you with these.
  11. They Work Strategically: Digital marketing needs perfect planning and execution to offer good outcomes. And the experts are well acquainted with how to plan the proceedings and how to manage the strategies.
  12. They Know What Fits Your Needs: Digital marketing companies know exactly what you need in terms of internet marketing and would offer you exactly the same.
  13. You Get Industry-Specific Ideas: There are industries which get good outcomes with SEO services and then there are those which use email marketing for good results. And you can get assistance from the digital experts to know the kind of process which suits your industry.
  14. The Services Are Measurable: The digital marketing outcomes can be tracked and you can get to know the progress of each activity at a certain period of time. This helps you analyze your investments and returns better.
  15. The Services Are Scalable: You can always demand more digital marketing services and stronger support in the future if you obtained good results out of the processes.
  16. They Are Highly Affordable: Digital marketing services do not cost a fortune and the services are well within the reach of all.
  17. The Returns Are Much More Than The Investments: The returns you obtain out of the services are much more than your investments. However, you need to be a bit patient to ascertain great outcomes.
  18. You Can Focus On Your Business: Digital marketing companies handle your marketing jobs well and all you need to do is focus on your core industry. When experts act in their respective field, you are bound to get good outcomes.
  19. You Can Improve Your Sales: Digital marketing companies can help you improve your sales through high-quality inbound and outbound digital marketing methods.
  20. You Can Get More Leads: When you get better website traffic, the chances of getting more leads is considerably high. And more leads could help you get a number of customers.
  21. They Are Accountable For The Job: When you consult a reliable digital marketing agency, they stand accountable for all the services they provide and you can always count on them to get good outcomes.
  22. They Adapt To The Changes Quickly: The digital industry keeps on taking newer incarnations and experiences newer changes every now and then. And expert digital marketers are extremely vigilant to keep track of the changes and adapt to them quickly.
  23. They Keep You Updated Of Your Progress: At first, the progress might seem to be slow but it soon turns to be steady. And the internet marketing companies ensure to keep you updated of the progress you make- weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or in whatever amount of time you demand.
  24. They Inform About Your Website’s Shortcomings: Of course, the websites are developed by the web developers but it may have some SEO-related flaws and the digital marketing experts ensure to inform you about this.
  25. You Can Get The Best Pieces of Advice, Whenever You Need: You may need to perform some of the actions such as social sharing etc. yourself and this may need the assistance of the experts. And the experts would not fail to oblige you in this.digital marketing infohearty 3
  26. You Can Hire A Dedicated Expert: If you wish to enhance or increase the number of services you get, you can hire dedicated servicemen to obtain your desired services.
  27. They Assist With The Most Trending Services: Do you know what’s trending in terms of digital marketing? The experts of digital marketing know it well and ensure to deliver the most trending services.
  28. Because Expertise Matters A Great Deal: The expertise of the professionals matters a great deal and when it comes to digital marketing, it certainly makes a difference.

SEO Reasons:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is perhaps the best digital marketing technique currently and it offers outcomes which stay for a considerable period of time. In other words, SEO offers organic traffic and the digital marketing experts offer SEO services which help you gain the best Search Engine Result Pages Rankings.
  2. Keyword Research: Keywords are the “Key Words” in almost any form of digital marketing and the digital marketing agencies make sure to perform proper keyword research, offering you the best ones to base your activities on.
  3. Website Content Analysis & Duplicity Check: If you already have some content on the website, the experts would make sure to check the same and whether or not it is original. Duplicate content is a sin in terms of digital marketing.
  4. Competitor Analysis: Your industry might have a lot of local, national, and international competitors and it is important to check their activities and make sure you perform better than them. Who else could do it better than the digital marketing experts?
  5. Initial Rank Report: When your website gets indexed on the search engines, it ought to have some ranking. And the internet marketing companies make sure you know your initial ranks to track your progress.
  6. Canonicalization Check: Canonicalization refers to having distinct URLs for the same website pages, which could confuse the search engines, and this is one of the biggest errors on your part. However, digital experts make sure you face no canonicalization errors.
  7. URL Structure Check: The structure of your URL matters a great deal when you need to get in ranks. And the digital marketing companies make sure you get the best results in the matter.digital marketing infohearty 5
  8. Meta Titles & Meta Tag Creation: Meta Titles & Meta Tags need to have your designated keywords and the digital marketing experts make sure to fit in the best-suited keywords in meta titles and description etc.
  9. Website Authority Check: The experts ensure to check the Domain Authority (DA) and the Page Authority (PA) of the website initially and at regular intervals.
  10. Content Optimization: The content on the page needs to be optimized to ensure that it contains the required keywords without stuffing them.
  11. Image Optimization: Very heavy images can deter the loading speed of the page and it is important to optimize your images well. Besides, the image alt tags, the title and the description of the image should be apt too to ensure getting the best outcomes.
  12. [H] Tag Optimization: There are at the most 6 [H] Tags- from H1 to H6- in a page and these need to be optimized well to ensure good search outcomes for your page.
  13. HTML Errors Fixing: Who do you think fixes the HTML errors? The website developers? Well, you would be glad to know that even digital marketing experts can fix your HTML errors and help your website rank well.
  14. Website Speed Check: How fast does your website speed load? Well, your visitors would run away if it loads in any more than 3 seconds. And the experts ensure to check this in the process.
  15. Mobile-Friendly Website Check: Nowadays, a majority of the web searches are performed through mobile devices and the digital marketers make sure that your website is absolutely mobile friendly.
  16. Integrating Social Media Plugins: Digital marketing is absolutely incomplete without social media channels being plugged into the website and the digital marketers ensure that you have the most prominent ones on your website.
  17. Checking Robot.txt: Robot.txt are the website files which communicate with the web crawlers and other robots. And it’s important that your website contains the most relevant robot.txt files.
  18. Creating & Submitting Website Sitemaps: Website sitemaps make it effective for your website to be crawled and the digital marketing agencies make sure that these are submitted securely.infohearty digital marketing companies
  19. Integrating Google Tools: Google tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics are highly assistive to get a better insight into the website and the internet marketers do this for you without saying.
  20. Content Refreshment: Google loves the websites which regularly update their content and when you consult the internet marketing experts they ensure to help you in the aspect.
  21. Local SEO Setup: Your local market is one of the biggest opportunities to enhance your business and the digital marketing companies make sure you have a strong local presence in the local business directories. Besides, they ensure that you have your secure Google My Business page too.
  22. NAP Analysis: Your Name, Address, and Phone Number are your most essential assets and you need to make sure that these are consistent without any difference at any place.
  23. Backlink Formation: Backlinks are the backbones of search engine optimization (SEO). When you consult the digital experts, they make sure you get the highest quality backlinks which ensure you get the best website rankings.
  24. Blog Writing: Blogs are posted either on the website or on some other website with a link directed to the concerned website. And you can get the best website blogs when you get them from the expert digital marketers.
  25. Article Submission: Articles are generally the off-page content that offer you a backlink. And when these are written well, they generate a lot of web traffic, directing it back to the concerned website with the help of backlinks.
  26. Press Release Submission: The press release is an announcement of a new event or an offer from a business or organization. And you can get them written easily for all your events with the help of an expert digital marketing agency.
  27. Classified Submission: Classifieds are the digital advertisements for your business and the experts ensure to post the classifieds regularly with the most recent updates and offers from a business.
  28. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is one of the most prominent methods to get quality backlinks and lots of website traffic. However, it only delivers outcomes when performed by a digital expert.
  29. Off-Page Profile Creation: Profile creation or profile linking is another popular off-page SEO method to get website traffic.
  30. Image Creation & Submission: Images are one of the important aspects, whether on the website of away from it. The digital marketing experts ensure to create high-quality and luring images, which are submitted on high-quality websites for traffic redirection.
  31. PowerPoint Slide Creation & Submission: PPT formation and submission are some of the best methods to earn a quality backlink for your website and the digital marketing experts make sure to deliver these regularly.
  32. Infographic Creation & Submission: Infographics are one of the newest methods to earn attention from the visitors and these could be posted both on-page and off-page for good outcomes.
  33. Video Creation & Submission: The digital marketing experts can help you get a good business explainer video which could be made with the help of a number of online tools such as Animoto and Animaker etc.
  34. Answers on Question-Answer Sites: One of the recent trends to earn a lot of online traffic is to help others on good question-answer websites such as Quora and Fixya etc. And the digital marketing experts know exactly how to sneak in a link into the answer to direct the traffic to your website.
  35. Guest Blog Submission: Posting your content on someone other’s website with high authority, in order to obtain a backlink (possibly a do-follow link) is known as guest blog submission and the digital experts know it well about how to approach someone, in order to get a quality backlink.
  36. Link Outreach and Link Exchange: Link outreach and link exchange are again some of the newest methods to get quality website traffic redirected to your website with the help of backlinks.

Social Media Reasons:

  1. Facebook Marketing: Facebook is the undisputed king among all the digital marketing platforms with over 2 billion active users and using this vast marketing resource could definitely help you get a crowd of website traffic.digital marketing infohearty 6
  2. WhatsApp Marketing: WhatsApp is perhaps one of the most preferred messenger applications and if you need to use it as a marketing tool, the digital marketing experts can definitely offer you a lot of assistance.
  3. Instagram Marketing: You can leverage the power of great photographs to influence your business and Instagram offers you the freedom to do so. It has a wide range & reach, and is currently one of the best marketing platforms for your business.
  4. Google Plus Marketing: Google Plus is a venture of Google that is almost similar to Facebook. However, with a lesser number of users. In spite of this, it could help your business get a good amount of website traffic and digital marketing experts can always assist you in this.
  5. Twitter Marketing: The microblogging website Twitter has followers almost all over the world and is capable of earning a lot of website traffic for you. Ask the experts for quality Twitter Marketing Services and you would never be disappointed.
  6. Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest is another, very fine photo sharing platform and could help you redirect a lot of online traffic.
  7. LinkedIn Marketing: If you wish to get the most sincere and the most effective website traffic, LinkedIn is the platform to tap. And for the best assistance on LinkedIn Marketing, you can always get help from expert digital marketing agencies.
  8. YouTube Marketing: You would be surprised to know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, even when it is specifically dedicated to the videos. And do you wish to have any more proofs relating the power of a good video to influence your business?
  9. Snapchat Marketing: Snapchat has evolved to be much more than photo clicking and sharing application. In fact, digital marketing experts leverage their power to offer customers to businesses.
  10. Reddit Marketing: Reddit is yet another question-and-answer website that has recently gained much attention. And a good Reddit post is alone enough to bring a mass of web traffic on your website.
  11. Tumblr Marketing: Tumblr does a lot for you. You can share your videos, photos, bookmarks and do other hordes of activities. However, it is important to know the correct practices and the digital marketing companies know this well in hand.digital marketing infohearty 7
  12. Meme Marketing: You must have been going through and sharing a lot of memes over the social media platforms. How about making their appropriate usage to get customers on your website? Yes, digital marketers are even capable of this.
  13. Forum Marketing: Forums are meant to solve the day-to-day problems of the people and these could be used as a great marketing method too.
  14. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is an online sales method where an affiliate sells the products of some website and gets a part of the profit. The digital marketing agencies can assist you with high-quality affiliate marketing too.

PPC Reasons:

  1. Paid Search Marketing: Paid search marketing or Search Engine Marketing is one of the popular methods to get instant customers or inorganic web traffic using the required tools. Ask the internet experts and get the best outcomes.
  2. Display Advertising: Display advertising has a great effect on the mind of the customers and you can get the best rewards when you perform the display marketing systematically. Let the experts do it for you for the best outcomes.
  3. Remarketing: If you lure your visited-and-left visitors with better offers than the one before, you have a chance of earning them as your customers. And this is only possible when you have proficient digital marketing companies by your side.

Other Marketing Reasons:

  1. Social Media Ads: Almost all the social media platforms allow paid ads and they help you in reaching a wider amount of audience in negligible efforts. However, it takes expertise to run these ads correctly and the digital marketing experts can always help you in the matter.
  2. E-Commerce Marketing: E-Commerce websites are a great investment and it needs a superlative digital marketing plan too to attract the customers. Trust the digital experts to get the best assistance.
  3. Email Marketing: If you have a list of email addresses your subscribers and previous customers, these could be contacted again when you have good offers for them. You can use the email marketing method for support and the experts can help you in the process.digital marketing infohearty 8
  4. Blog Commenting: This is an old and dying art of putting links in the comments section of a good blog and this could attract visitors to the desired site.
  5. Influencer Marketing: It’s an indirect way of getting customers by making relationships with a person who has a good hold over the market. And the digital marketing companies have all the idea about how to do it perfectly well.
  6. Viral Marketing: Even your existing customers could influence your sales and marketing by promoting your products for you. And the expert digital marketers know how to do this without any troubles.
  7. Google Penalty Prevention: Google is the boss and it has all the rights to roll out orders. And it keeps out rolling new updates and algorithms, failing to adhere which could lead to penalties and you can lose even your present ranking completely when your website gets de-indexed from Google. However, the experts keep track of all the algorithms and prevent any such penalties.
  8. Google Penalty Recovery: Do not worry if your website got affected due to a Google penalty. The experts have all the strategies to help your website get recovered from the penalties.
  9. Google Panda Penalty Recovery: You may wonder why I should mention a penalty distinctly when it has been defined in-general above. Well, Google Panda Penalty influences your website when you have duplicate content on it and the experts can help you recover through this.
  10. Google Penguin Penalty Recovery: Google Penguin Penalty may be imposed when your website has spammy links. But even if your website gets penalized, you can get it recovered with the digital marketing experts by your side.
  11. Link Cleanup Assistance: The experts would make sure that the links on your website are high in quality and also ensure to clean the bad backlinks to help your website rank better.
  12. Bounce Rate Reduction: Bounce rate increases when your website is not too engaging and the visitors leave just from a single page without moving on to the other. You can reduce the bounce rate on your website with the help of digital promotion.
  13. Spam Score Reduction: Spam score gets increased when you have spammy links on your website or directing to your website. It is one of the big hurdles in your SERP rankings. However, the experts can help you reduce your spam score and help you rank better.infohearty digital
  14. Creating Engagement: The experts could suggest you ways to turn your website appearance more appealing and the content more engaging to help you get more traffic and retain it too.
  15. Online Reputation Management: Your online reputation matters a great deal in getting you customers and if it is not too good, you cannot expect to perform well. However, expert digital marketers use the best and proven digital reputation management techniques to help you improve your reputation and get more customers.
  16. Product Description & Reviews: You can get assistance to write your product description and even the reviews to help them sell better.
  17. Mobile App Content Preparation: Get expert assistance to prepare the content for all kinds of mobile applications and lure the visitors to download the applications in their smartphone.
  18. Mobile Application Promotion: You can even get assistance from the digital marketing experts to promote your mobile application, and that too, even when you do not have a website.
  19. Whitepaper Promotion: Whitepapers are one of the most prominent marketing and update-announcement medium by the organizations and to get the best assistance on these, you need to get help from the digital marketing experts.

So here it is, my ultimate list of 100 good reasons to consult a digital marketing company for your website’s or businesses’ digital promotion.

Remember, the internet is a very vast community and if you use it wisely, you could get that Midas-touch for your business that lasts forever to help you.

Consult the internet experts and get the best outcomes.

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