15 Clever Digital Marketing Hacks for Business Growth

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There’s absolutely no short-cut to success and this applies all ends up with digital marketing too. You may think you could make up for the requisite efforts by spamming comments on some websites or buying backlinks from some websites, but this is not what you term as digital marketing hacks.

While you read the headline, do not expect anything too fancy or extremely out-of-the-world. In fact, here I would help you with some very important digital marketing strategies that do not cost much but can help you dearly.

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And just as I said, there are no short-cuts which could help you in getting the ultimate success. Plus, if you consider taking these so-called short-cuts, you and your website are bound to get penalized, costing a lot more to get back on the track.

Search Engine Friendliness:

You need to ensure that your website complies with all the search engine requirements, including website design, titles, tags, meta descriptions, relevant content, keywords, images, and several other factors that the search engines consider essential on the website.

Besides having what is essential, it is also important to keep away from elements that could harm your website.

Free Content:

Free content is always welcomed and it’s an utter win-win. In return, you get a great promotion, showcase your skills, and gather lots of audiences. But how do you deliver free content? It’s easy!

Just write content that is intended to help people and solve their day-to-day issues. Besides writing, you need to promote it too on various free platforms. And for starters in content marketing, the best digital marketing hack is to keep the self-promotion in these blogs to minimal.

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No marketing, no worries at the start. It’s important to build your credibility before actually starting marketing.

Offer Rewards:

Why would anyone do anything for you without any returns? At least, they should get acknowledged when they discuss you, tag you or share you, and for better engagement, you can offer some small rewards.

These rewards could be in the form of free coupons to some shopping spot or you can also announce a competition in some form with a big reward to a few winners. This is one of the best ways to get great popularity.

Website Auditing:

Again, very needless to inform, but very important to consider. Auditing a website offers solutions to many undetected troubles which actually hinder your performance.

And website audit is not a task which you could do once or twice a year. In fact, the most successful businesses and marketers audit their websites at least once a month and nip any arising issue in their bud.

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Hire Customers:

You do not actually hire customers but request them to offer you information through certain surveys etc. Again, nobody would do this for free.

So, rewarding them for their information would surely lure them into delivering the information you intend. Online surveys have really helped the people in getting great success and this would also help you perform better.

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Mandate a Purpose:

What do the visitors need to do when they visit a website? Subscribe to you, call you, contact you, or take any other action?

Make your call-to-action extremely clear. If you offer no job to the visitors of your website, you will hardly get anything. Remember, when you need something, you go to ask for it.

Repurpose Your Content:

Did you know that you can re-use your old content to create something very beneficial? And that this could be done without any plagiarism issues?

Well, you would have written good blogs and articles, for instance, but these could be reused for various purposes. For instance, take a few points out of your blogs and create an interesting infographic out of it.

Use Digital Marketing Tools:

You can use some great SEO tools, SMO tools, and other digital marketing tools to get great results in very little time and effort.

Many of these tools are free to use and can deliver great results. In fact, the paid versions of some tools are absolutely worth the money and they can help you a great deal in reaching your digital marketing goals quite easily.

Write for Your Competitors:

You may consider it an element of loss, but you can actually win from it. It helps you get introduced to a new audience and get useful backlinks which could help your website. And if you still did not get this concept, in simple language, this may be known as guest posting.

If your competitor has an authoritative website, it is not a bad option to write blogs for it and get a backlink in return.

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Social Media Engagement:

Social media is marketing heaven if you know exactly how to use it. You might spend all your free time on the most prominent social media apps but most people do not know 90 percent of the features that actually help the marketers get a great response from any such platform.

And if you do not have an idea about the best features, do not hesitate to get assistance from an expert.

Keyword Research:

The old-fashioned keyword method is still here and would ever exist to eternity.

If you take only this one of the digital marketing aspects very seriously, almost 50 percent of your troubles would get resolved without any extra effort.

Invest in Remarketing:

Remarketing is a part of PPC and helps you contact a visitor who showed interest in your product or services, but somehow could not complete the transaction.

Going in front of such people on their digital screen offers a better chance for a business to turn them into a customer, especially with some cool discounts or rewards. It’s also more cost-effective.

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Answer Relevant Questions:

You would have heard of commenting on blogs and answering on question-answer websites. Just to add a bit- it’s really important to be relevant. I already said that spamming is the last thing Google would see you do, and this is absolutely not recommended. In fact, spamming i not one of the digital marketing hacks.

So, while answering questions on Quora or commenting on blogs, make sure your major aim is helping the people or appreciating the work and marketing should be the secondary goal.

Content Curation:

You can curate quality content from hordes of sources and share it with your audience in various forms.

Remember, content is not just the textual part as of now. It refers to images, audios, videos, and a lot of other elements that can be shared digitally.

Enhance User Experience:

Users return when the experience is good, or they earn some profit for their visit. Make your websites worth it.

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Digital marketing is no child’s play. However, you can ensure optimum outcomes when you use these digital marketing hacks for the best effects. Remember, these digital marketing hacks are not the short-cuts that could help you get a huge website authority in a single day.

It takes time, effort and resources to build something substantial and your business and its website are nothing different. In fact, what gets built very quickly will never last very long. So take your time in digital marketing and come out with something that is really substantial or worth the time of the viewers.


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