51 Tips On How To Learn and Improve Your English

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On every hand, in every land,
it’s thoroughly agreed,
the English language to explain
is very hard indeed.

–Harry Hemsley

The poetic lines by one of the renowned authors are enough to describe the plight of innumerable people around the world. English is perhaps one of the most popular global languages and a key to communicating with the others, in case you leave your land. However, learning English and speaking it well are some of the toughest tasks that most of the people do not wish to even face. Do you too wish to know about how to learn English?

What if we say that you can learn English without any trouble, with just a bit of effort on your part?

Well, just as reading this piece of text is easy, learning to speak and write good English is absolutely easy too and here we have brought for you some very effective tips for the process.

How to Learn English in Steps:

  1. The very first tip is to understand and accept that the English language is one of the easiest languages in the world. The more you know it, the more it helps you know it.
  2. Start with the very first lessons in English. You know your alphabets well. Right?
  3. Take an alphabet and write down as many words as you remember starting from it. 10, 20, 30, even 100 are not too many.
  4. Even if you know basic English, and can make a million words out of every alphabet, remember that the step is just a practice measure.
  5. Next, take a few words and form sentences out of them. Make long ones. Writing just 6 to 10 words in a sentence is not enough.Learn english easily - Infohearty 2
  6. If you are not too sure about the correctness of what you have written, show it to someone who knows it better.
  7. Or else, Google what you wrote or use online tools such as ‘Ginger’ or ‘Grammarly’.
  8. Remember the mistakes you made and take them seriously. Try not to repeat those mistakes in the future.
  9. Once you begin making correct long sentences, move on to paragraphs and longer versions.
  10. Take a topic and write an essay on it. 200 words a day are enough, but if you do it consistently without missing.
  11. Make sure you check each of your written works yourself or get it checked by an expert.
  12. Once you correct your mistakes, you can also note them down somewhere. This will help you analyze your progress.Learn english easily - Infohearty 1
  13. Make yourself comfortable in an environment of English. Get for yourself books and other documents that contain text in English.
  14. Make a dictionary your best friend. It’s one of the things you would never regret having.
  15. Reading a dictionary is also a helpful step.
  16. Close your eyes and open a page in the dictionary. Take down a word and its meaning.
  17. Also, make a sentence of your own with this word. Try to remember the meaning of the word and if possible, use it in your everyday language.
  18. Make sure you do this every single day.
  19. When you wish to read, start by picking the good English books for kids. They contain less difficult words and are easier to understand.
  20. Even when you read any kind of book, keep a dictionary with you. Do not hesitate to consult it if you find anything difficult.
  21. Care to turn your textbook dirty? Keep a pencil with you and write the meanings of the difficult words in the notes section of the book.
  22. Keep a good dictionary application on your mobile phone too.
  23. Do not hesitate to make mistakes. Humans learn by making mistakes and consider it a part of your learning.
  24. Television learning is also a great process of learning English. Watch your favorite shows and try to understand what they deliver.

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  25. Better than TVs, get DVDs with recorded English chapters. These would help you better.
  26. Make bedtime reading a habit. Once you do it daily, you will grow fond of it.
  27. Once you find yourself improving, find good novels and try to read them with the help of a dictionary.
  28. It is important to know that English has lots and lots of parts that you need to learn. Start by parts of a sentence.
  29. Take a simple sentence and write down the parts of the same.
  30. Get to know about the parts of a speech.
  31. You have heard about nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and similar other elements. It’s time to know about them and also their different parts.
  32. There are words which sound the same but have different spellings and different meaning. Find out what they are called and comment them below.
  33. Get to know about antonyms and synonyms.Learn english easily - Infohearty 3
  34. Tense is one of the most important things to make sense in a sense. Find out the different types of tenses.
  35. You would have heard of verbs that are also known as doing words. It’s important that they agree with the sentence.
  36. The whole English and other languages are balanced with punctuation marks. Get to know the important ones.
  37. There are just 3 articles in English. Would you like to add them in the comment section?
  38. Similar to these, there are innumerable distinct elements in the English language which you need to keep learning. There’s absolutely no end.
  39. Converse with others in English.
  40. If you do not find others to converse, talk to yourself in front of a mirror.
  41. Find out about different authors and poets etc. and know their important works.
  42. If you love to chat on chatting applications, do it in English.
  43. Similarly, instead of posting anything on social media in your personal language, do it in English.
  44. Do not feel bad when others make fun of your English. Take it as a compliment and show them the results in the future.
  45. Constant practice is the key to learning. A bit of gap is considerable but not too much.Learn english easily - Infohearty 4
  46. If you are growing bored of just reading and reading, try listening to good English songs.
  47. Do not try to cram English. You will never learn anything.
  48. Use social media to be friends with English natives and converse with them. Ask them to correct your mistakes.
  49. There are lots of English mock tests on the internet. Test your skills with these.
  50. Understand that it takes time in learning the language. If you do not understand anything, leaving it is not a solution.
  51. Joining a club that makes you learn English by writing is much better than a simple English Speaking School.


So these are some of the important and helpful tips for you to learn English. Follow these and do not forget to mention your results in the comment section.

Last but not the least, English needs a lot of practice and similar to mathematics, the more you practice, the more you like it and the more it likes you back.

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