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Languages are Welcome: If you wish to write for us or contribute to this site, we welcome your contributions in ‘English’ and in ‘Hindi’ too.

However, we request you to follow some guidelines and these are as follows:

  • Contribute only 100% original, plagiarism-free content of at least 1000 words. Cheating is a crime and we do not wish you to follow this. Even spun content is not welcomed.
  • We aim to be informative and help others with the information you share.
  • But we even welcome your ‘Personal Experiences’ which could be published with or without your name,
  • Make sure you do not make any spelling, grammatical, contextual or punctuation mistakes, Double check this before you send your content.
  • Blogs are not a medium to express your hatred or frustration. You can express this in the ‘Personal Experiences’ section. However, do not use profane or hateful language in any kind of content.
  • Content which has been published elsewhere would be straightaway rejected. We have tools to check plagiarized, copied, and spun content.
  • You can get a do-follow link to your website if you demand.
  • We would appreciate if you share the published content on your social media channels. Even we would do it for you on our channels.
  • Content published once would not be removed on any requests. Please do not request any such thing after your content gets published. However, we could remove the link in the content, if you want.
  • We even welcome your self-made poetry (minimum 20 lines) in Hindi or in English. 

So if you wish to display the power of your creative mind before the world, the platform is all set for you at Infohearty. Be a part of Infohearty and create your strong online presence. 

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